Eli Campbell Plumbing LLC

 Employees are encouraged to monitor this page for any weather related issues or any changes in company policies.

Next Scheduled Holiday: Thanksgiving ( Thursday Nov.22nd )

Work vans are to be driven for work purpose only, employees authorized to drive vans home are only authorized to drive to and from work site.

During Weather related closings :
"No Company Trucks Are To Be On The Road Unless Approved By Eli."
Violation of this rule will make the driver subject to termination.
This web page will list notification if severe weather cancellation is required.
Severe Weather Notification: NO


To: All Employees
From: Eli Campbell
Date: April 29, 1999
Subject: Company Policy

1) All time sheets are to be filled out and turned in the next morning at shop for Eli’s review.

2) Nothing is to be purchased, picked up, or ordered without a purchase order, to include job name and your name.

Anything not on purchase order or bought without a purchase order, will be
assumed as personal and will be
deducted from your check.

3) Routine maintenance on vehicles driven home is the responsibility of the driver. We will furnish parts upon request.

Examples: oil changes, keeping vans clean and organized, brake shoes & pads, all fluids checked regularly, fuel pumps, water pumps,etc.

4) Checks are withheld for one week (example: you work a week and are paid on the following week).

5) All time sheets are to be filled out with the name of each job with a description of work and time on each job.

If you work two or more jobs in a day, put the name of the job and time for each job and all time and material jobs
will include materials.

6) Turn in all purchase tickets each morning, and all gas tickets each day.

7) All employees are to check in at the office at 7:00 am, unless Eli instructs otherwise.

8) In case of emergencies, I need names and telephone numbers of family to contact.

9) Our work week ends on Fridays. Saturday is the beginning of the work week (Saturday through Friday).

10) If unable to be at work, be sure to call in by 7:00am, call (859) 231-0358, or (859) 509-6517. Anyone that does
not call in can be discharged immediately.

11) Checks will be dispersed on Thursday at the end of the work day.

12) Please do not ask to borrow money or advance pay unless an extreme emergency.

13) All employees are to take a 1 hour lunch, lunch breaks are between 11:30 - 12:30.

14) I need all drivers of vans (or anyone that drives them at anytime) to give me their drivers license’s
number and a driving record and date of birth.

15) Holiday pay is paid after 6 months of employment. You need to work the day before and the day after to be paid for holiday.

Holidays are New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

16) Do not park in front of any dumpster or any garage door. Please park in the back row in front of our space.

17) You become eligible for health insurance after 90 days, please advise 60 days before eligibility, because we have to begin
withhold for insurance 1 month ahead, because it is paid one month in advance.

18) You are eligible for vacation after you have worked for one year consecutively. Vacations are to be approved
by Eli and have a 30 day prior notice. All vacations have to be taken a week, or a day at a time. And cannot be
carried over for the next year.

19) All injuries on the job must be reported immediately to Linda, these must be reported the day of the injury.

20) Please do not give our 800 number out to anyone except an employee. It is for employee use only.

21) Absolutely no drinking or drugs allowed on the job at anytime. Failure to comply will result in Your immediate

Anyone having knowledge of any drinking or drugs firsthand, will be terminated if violation is not reported immediately.

22) Theft of any type or form will not be tolerated, this includes property of Eli Campbell Plumbing, any property
of a employee of Eli Campbell Plumbing or any property of a contractor or job site on which Eli Campbell
Plumbing is working.
Any materials or tools bought and paid for by Eli Campbell Plumbing is the property of
Eli Campbell Plumbing, Nothing is to be considered scrap unless approved by Eli Campbell. Anyone guilty of this violation will be terminated.

22) Funeral pay is for immediate family, (spouse, mother, father, children and grandparent, siblings), does not
include in-laws, and is for one day pay.

23) When required, safety equipment, hard hats and safety glasses must be worn on jobs sites.

24) No overtime unless pre-approved by Eli before work is done.

25) Work vans are to be driven during work periods and to and from work only. Anyone found to be violating
these terms will be dismissed without exception.

26) Anyone submitting a false time sheet will or completed work order will be terminated.

(Added on March 16, 2005)

**NOTE: work performed on jobs and materials used are of no valve unless we bill for it. Therefore, these items
will be followed, or checks to employees not complying will be held until all paper work is completed.